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How is this crochet floor rug? this is so pretty and beautiful that i have ever seen in my life. I love the look or this floor rug, too much. This is so classy and perfect in its way. This is all handmade with crochet . Crochet is an art to make garments or useable items with only yarn and hook. If you have yarn and hook, you can easily create an item of your choice. This rug is the result of high crochet passion. This is so beautiful. This is the masterpiece in the crochet field. People mostly love to but things or wear things handmade. Handmade things are always more appreciable than normal things. In handmade things, we put our love and efforts more that material. So, this rug is also made with with passion and , of course, with passion. You need more time to develop a big project in a perfect way. In this rug, a different technique is added to make this rug. In making, you have to make a graph or a chart to know about the color adding and techniques. First you need to do fillet stitch according to the size. Make full size rug only with fillet stitch and with some single color. When the fillent part is done, you have to make a graph sketch of the pattern you want to make.

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Like in this picture, different colors are added to the fillet boxes with an order to create a Giraffe look. So its your choice to make a design on your choice.

When fillet step is done, make your design on a graph paper for a color.

Then chase the design by working on it with double crochet stitch. This will work like a wall on the stitches. In every box, you neend to do 4 double crochets.

Here , you can see that how to work or create a design on a graph paper.

This is all the pattern by pictures. I hope you will understand the technique. Thank you all in advance.

Crochet dress are one of the trending in todays year. These handmade dress are liked by everyone . Here is an other dress for girls made with hands. Its pure handmade. This crochet dress is done with the granny squares with rose. So its basically ”roses dress’. this one is easy to do. You only need to learn how to make one rose square.This top is made with Umbrella style. If you like you can do it with frills style or even a gown style. The patter for this square can be used in making baby blanket, throws, scarfs, shawls, bags, cardigans or many more.