Hello and welcome to my crochet page

If you are searching for new pattern for making baby blankets, or cardigans or any project, you are at right place. Today i have 4 pretty top free pattern for baby projects and other things. I am sharing all these pattern for free. You can download these pattern and you can freely share these pattern with your family and friends. These four pattern are basically for baby cardigans and blankets, but you can use these stitches to do any project.

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This is today’s first pattern. This is so pretty and done in very nice and fruity colors. This is just like Jacob’s Ladder. This is called Crochet braid stitch. Pattern is super easy to do. You just need to learn how to do double crochet stitch and how to do chains stitch. Only these two stitches are used in this pattern. You can add as many colors as you like. You can use this pattern for making baby blankets, cardigans, throws and many more things. This pattern looks so great for making a purse or a bag. Click on this given picture if you want free pattern step by step.

This pattern is called shell stitch pattern. In this pattern 2 basic colors are used to create a complete look. You can add more colors buy in my opinion, two colors are better to use in this pattern.

Next pattern is really cool and easy one. This is called star stitch. You can see stars in this pattern. This pattern can be used in big or small projects. You can do it in single color or multiple colors. But remember to do 2 rows with each color, otherwise this pattern would mess up. When you will click on the picture, this will lead you to the free pattern.

This is again a new pattern with different technique. It looks so complicated but this is as simple as the first one. You just need to do double crochet stitches and chains. These stars are braided at the end. This is interesting pattern. Three Colors are necessary in this cute pattern. Click on this picture to get free and detailed pattern.

This is so simple and easy to do. Its all started in center and then goes around with in a perfect way. In this pattern, you do not need to add a border. Mostly we search a lot or borders to match our blanket pattern, but in vain. So good news is , we do not any need to add a border. It has border with its self. I am attaching video and written pattern below for all viewers. Most of the people do not understand a pattern from video , so for them I am attaching a written pattern in English step by step. Written pattern is done with pictures and rows, detailed pattern. Video pattern is for those people who cannot read pattern . I am also weak in reading patterns. For me , video or graph pattern is more easy than written. I hope you all will enjoy this pattern and would love to try. Thank you in advance.