Hello , Good Evening to all. Its the mid of the August and very hot in many regions. Very few people are searching cardigans or blankets patterns. Nowadays more searches are about , how to make bags, coaster, and summer vests. So that’s why today i have brought some different patterns for summer specially. I have one pattern for making a mobile cross body bag , and other patterns are for doing coasters.

Before going to these patterns, please subscribe to my YouTube channels. I upload very unique and easy patterns in my YouTube channels. The patterns that i shared today, are not mine but taken from the youtube. These all are free obviously. Allah pattern are in detailed tutorials.

This is my favorite pattern to make a bag or a crossbody bag for mobile or anything else. Pattern is so easy and simple so you can get it quickly. This pattern is started from making a magic ring and doing five single crochet stitches in that magic ring. In this pattern you can see the center , v shape. Single crochet stitch in back loop is done here. You can use any thread but a thick parachute or a cotton thread is more suitable in this pattern.

I attached free video tutorial with the picture. this is super easy and cute for girls.

Next pattern is doing small squares with puff flower in center. These are so cute and easy to do. You can make a bunch of them and attach them to make a bag, afghan, top or any thing.

I love these cherry flowers. These flowers are made by using Tunisian stitch in all petals. These look so cute and you can use them by attaching on any of your project or anything else. These flowers look great on bags and clutches.

These squares are so cute with central flower. Make a throw or a vest with this pattern using same contrast.

Afghan with these squares would be so gorgeous and amazing. I love this pattern and the design using simple pattern. I love both color contrasts and would love to do something with these.

I want to share this pattern specially for summer women vests. This is super nice and descent pattern in a decent color.

Other patterns to follow

How is this pretty flower with little leaves. This flower is made for the brooch ,for hair accessories or on dress. You can attach this flower bunch on your hair clip, on dress, bags, shawl corners or on any of your project. this looks so pretty as hair accessory .