Hello and welcome to crochet page. SO today i have different patterns for doll dresses. These all dresses are crochet and for dolls. Dolls sizes are like Barbie doll. If you have a Barbie doll or doll with same height, you can make these dresses as same as shown. These all are easy and made with the same yarn and same crochet hook . Plus point is you can make these dresses in big size too. If you wanna crochet something similar for your daughter and her daughter, i suggest you to chose a pattern from here than make same dress for your daughter and for here doll. Doll dress pattern will be the same but for your baby girl, you have to make some changes in size. I hope you will understand the size.

This is the prettiest doll maxi ever. This is so beautiful and you can make this dress for doll easily by watching and following all steps. In this maxi, pine apple stitch is used. In the bottom, beautiful border is made with white to make it fancy.

Look at this yellow beauty. This yellow frock is made with ruffles style. You can make the same dress for your daughter with same ruffles. For making this dress in big size, you have to make the stitches according to the size. Ruffles are so easy to do. For making ruffles, do three double crochet stitches in one stitch. In next row , do 1 double crochet in each stitch.

This dress is just like Disney’s Princess Cinderella’s. This is so cute and every girl wants this dress for here doll. This is done so beautiful .

This is simple top for doll. This is made with shoulder less style and its so cute for dolls. If you like and you know how to increase stitches according to the size, then you can do this top for your baby girl too. This is simple and cute top. All these patterns are simple and easy to do. I hope you would love all these patterns.

You can easily wash these cases. But remember to use a quality yarn for these cases. We mostly use cotton yarn for this purpose. Cotton yarn is more suitable for the pillow cases, throws, sofa back etc. Because cotton thread or yarn do not create any roughness after wash. I hope you would love this pattern and would make a pair of these pillow cases. I am attaching a video pattern with step by step instructions. Video is with subtitles , you so can change it in any of your understanding language. If you are good in English, convert the subtitle to English. So anyone from anywhere can understand the pattern easily. I suggest you to follow the pattern second by second for the better results. I do not have a written pattern for this pillow case, but video have line to line pattern written in your language. I hop you will understand it easily. If you like this pattern, Share this page with your friend on social media. If you have any question regarding this pattern, do comment below. Thank you in advance.