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Look at the beauty of this Arcano weave rug or mat. You have never seen such perfect designed Doily or mat ever in your life. It is designed by the designer Draiguna . It is called Arcanoweave Evocation. This is the master piece in the world of crochet patterns. This is made with full love and care. It is full detailed work. It takes time to complete, but the time worth it. This doily has 41 rounds in total .

Am attaching the free written pattern here wrote by the original designer Draiguna.

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Written pattern for Arcanweave doily

Materials for this doily ;

size 10 crochet thread , 425 yard total

hook size 1.7mm

Crochet needles & scissors

stitch guide and Abbreviations

Some other stitches and special notes

Round 1 to 8

Round 9 to 15

Round 16 to 19

Round 20 to 25

Round 26 to 30

Round 31 to 35

Round 36 to 39

Round 40 to 41

Full written pattern by Draiguna