This is crochet pixels blanket patterns. This is easy and simple. Everyone who knows crochet, can do it easily. You just need to make little squares then you have to attach them all. This is super easy method to make a crochet blanket or a bed spread. In this pattern, you need to count the squares that how many you need in different colors. If you are new to crochet or starter in this field, and you only know about few stitches, then you can do this easily. You just need to make squares and then join. Squares are done with double crochet stitch. Its really easy pattern for you to do it. This pattern can be done in any colors. If you like you can do this in two colors and give a look like Chess. You can do it in multiple colors and make the lines of squares of same colors. Or you can get a graph pattern in squares for any image or flower. If you have any pattern in graph, then count the squares and make a blanket for you .


For this pattern, you need to have graph like this. In this you can see the squares in different colors. Make a square and take the size of one square then take the size of your wanted project. When you have a size, you can make the squares according to the size. Here you can see the size of the blanket.If you like, you can do this pattern for you blanket of rose. Chose color and start your project. I am attaching a video for the blanket or pixels. You can understand this pattern very easily. I hope you would love to try this pattern. Thank you in advance. I love to share free patterns with you. Mostly people love to watch and follow the tutorials so for them, i do my own tutorials in very easy and simple ways. if you are searching for easy and new patterns, please go to my both channels and subscribe them to get new and easy patterns. I hope you would love my patterns and would love to share these with your friends and croche family.