Hello my loves, how are you? Welcome everyone to another class here on the channel. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. This point we are going to make today is a very different point. It’s easy to make, but we need a little attention to get the details of it here. It’s not a difficult point to make. It is a multiple of 4 + 1, that is, we are going to make four chains, four more chains, four more, four more, four more until we reach the size of our piece. At the end another chain to start the first row. So to make this sample here with you. I’m going to work making 17 chains. We made the 17 chains. We are going to start working on the second chain making a single crochet here and this is the first stitch of the row. Let’s go here next. We make the second stitch and so we will continue doing it for the entire row. Arriving here at the end of our line, we made all the stitches here, leaving 16 stitches on this line. Now we are going to work with three chains. Loop the needle and turn our work over. In the next stitch we are going to bring a loop. Let’s lasso and pull a chain. We loop and take out two.

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crochet new pattern

We loop the needle. Let’s go to the next point and let’s repeat. We take one and we take two. We lasso. Go to the next point and repeat one more time. Here we have four stitches on the needle. We lasso and take them all out at once. So we are left with the beginning of our line made here with four points. Let’s do three updrafts. Loop the needle. Within this space that we have here, we place the needle. We bring the loop. We take one. We take out two and take out two more. We loop the needle. In that same space we will work in the same way. We take one, two and two. This is the beginning of our line. We are now going to loop our needle twice and in this first point we have down here which are these three chains. We are going to embrace this point. We can turn the work this way and here we are going to work a double crochet. Taking two, two and two. We turn our piece again and then our work will be braided like this. Now we loop our hook three times leaving four threads here on the hook.


Let’s go to the next point. We bring the loop. Let’s take one and take two. We lasso. Let’s go to the next point. We take one and two. We lasso. At the next point we repeat. In the next one too. Always getting four points down here like this. Look how different this point is here. Now we need to loop the hook and take four stitches off the hook. Then we loop and draw four. We lasso. We take two. We take two and we take two. Now we loop. In this space we bring the loop. Let’s take one, two and two. We lasso. In the same space we draw one, two and two. Left with three stitches here we are going to loop the hook twice. Let’s go down to this first point that we have here. Embracing him we will work the double crochet.