Today I am going to be teaching you this beautiful pattern. This is so cute and easy pattern for baby blankets and cardigans.  Now here I am going to make one more chain I count 1 2 3 and here I make a single crochet. I make 3 chains 1 2 yarn over and I count 1 2 and three I am going to position myself here in this. then this has been all for the day of 18 chains is a multiple of 6. now I position here and water there three stitches which is to repeat row 1 row 2. count here 1 2 in the third one in this way. we have finished the return to position here look. here and I will I am going to make 3 chains and it positions me in. we are going to make a loo and here we are going to well I hope you like it very much. ok then this is how it is done.

This story 1 2 3 and there I make here one two three chains loop. work your Turn around they realize we have then we are going to make a single crochet. and there I am going to make a story here in chain 1 2 in 2. we are going to make a chain here and here a double crochet 1 2 and three double crochets something very nice I know what are you going to chains 1 2 3 lacing and I count 123 there and I’m going to do there a low point. here we lift with a chain we turn and in I am going to do there in that space. I am going to make a single point I make 3 chains in this last space and I am going to do one today I hope you liked the tutorial chains. the room and I position myself here in 3 and there I make three double crochets.

Because the truth is that I loved it 1 look how it looks now for the return. make this stitch we always go to three double crochets. again and that’s how they go to knit and I make a single crochet one two three. let ‘s go to make the two that are missing 1 2 enchant. because I loved it I make 3 double crochet again 1 2 3 base chain. that is a multiple of 6 higher and now I am going to position myself. here make a single crochet there now I am going to grab one lacing I position myself to make 3 double crochet. all and 3 I g single crochet and here. I am going to pick up with 3 points what do you think is super easy and third I make a single crochet single crochet. And this is how I cut it from today and if that was the case.

Repeat this lap 2. look here a lot simple and remember to watch the video again. Now  3 double crochet, 12 and three this first space. we are going to make 3 I am going to position myself here in the single crochet stitch. Here I am going to make 18 chains yes here in this space and here I am going to do 2 we are going to do 10 chains.

I lift with three chains 1 2 3 yarn over and double crochets. so I am going to position myself her let me know in the comments and I go down  and there I do three double crochets. all with it they can do a lot of things complete so that you don’t skip high points I. position myself here I do there also give light what do you think. if you start with a shawl or a scarf no part that is important. I put the challenge that you like it for tutorial. you can make a calamite scarf now. yes to begin we are going to make it so that we reach a thousand little hands up. you can also make a blouse that is our slipped nu once it is done the truth is that it excites me a lot lose you can make a tablecloth a way that they can do like this. I hope your table can do many things like ok well I’m going to say goodbye with this. and I’ll just leave it to you we’ll see it until the next opportunity creativity of yours look. here I bye I have a sample in different colors. so you can see how it looks is pointed in a different color and with a larger sample.

what do you think about this beautiful pattern? Watch full tutorial HERE

Video credits to Realza Crochet