Hello and welcome to my crochet page . Hope you all will be doing well. Today i want to share very colorful patterns to make projects for babies. I love yo do baby blankets, baby dress, hats, shoes and all the things related to babies. So, these patterns would looks so great if you do something for you your girls. In these patterns, very bright and candy colors are used. You can make in your own favorite colors. These patterns are flexible to use in any item either for you or your baby. You can do your tops, bags, summer vests, winter coats snd many more things you want to do. I have six pattern in total , sharing on this page. Otherwise i have shared almost 1k plus patterns. Alla the patterns that i have shared, are free and mostly in videos. These all are taken from the YouTube . All credits go to these YouTube artists. I am not the owner of these patterns. I have also shared my own pattern but on this page, they are taken from other YouTube crochet artists.

Easy and quick pattern to make a cell phone purse

This pattern is really very beautiful and colorful. This is best suitable for babies blanket and cardigan. This pattern is taken from Naztazia, a very talented YouTube crochet artist. Pattern is really simple and easy to make. I have attach her tutorial of this pattern with this picture. Click on the picture and go to the free pattern.

This is super cute and cool pattern. I love this pattern for baby tops, frock and cardigans. Pattern is so easy and fast to make. You can do this pattern in single color or multiple colors.

This is my favorite pattern so far. This is called shell stitch in back post. Pattern is simple and you just need to learn double crochet , shell stitch and back post single crochet stitch.

This pattern is done for women summer vest for shawls. Pattern is just easy and tutorial is detailed. Click on the picture and go to the free pattern tutorial.

This granny motif is done to make a lap blanket or afghan. Beautiful color contrast is used here.

This heart granny square is so pretty and vest to make a blanket or a throw. You can do single granny to use as coaster too.

Crochet beautiful blanket or cardigan pattern is here. This is so pretty and easy to do. This is for baby blankets, women vest, girls sweater, baby cardigan. bags, scarfs, shawls, etc. This is so easy to do. You only need to know about shell stitch and chains, and its all. i have this pattern on my channel. go there and learn this stitch.


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