Hello, I Welcome to my all crochet family to my crochet free pattern page. I hope you all are doing well. So, I invite you to contact crochet cute floral square. the motives are so amazing I got motives. They knit quickly and are very easy to make. In the middle of each is a Flower and the corners are also made of flowers. These motifs are beautifully combined between themselves into a single whole Canvas of their very convenient and easy to connect. On each side of the square is made with which the motif can be connected between themselves. Here is such a wonderful beautiful openwork. Cloth is obtained from these square motifs. Middle element between squares is also performed with a solid thread along with last square. This is what the front looks like this canvas. This is what the back side looks like. The canvas turned out to be very openwork and beautiful. I knitted these motifs from thin cotton. I have 50 grams 280 meters and a thin hook 0.75 mm.

Knitting starts with a slip stitch leave a ponytail around the index finger. One turn hold the working thread, insert the hook in the resulting ring. We grab the loop and we knit this loop with one air. We remove the loop from the finger. It turns out Slip loop with ponytail. Now put the hook in a slip loop grab a loop and knit 2 loops together. Turned out a single crochet and such knit 16 columns first completed do the second column. Third column worked in slip stitch 1 single crochet. Now holding knitting pulling the tail tighten sliding loop pulled all the columns together. We start a hook over the first column without a crochet and knit a connecting a column. We stretched a loop and this the loop is pulled through the main loop. Then we perform 4 air loops, 2 crochets per hook. Knit a double crochet. First 1 yarn over, then the second yarn over and leave the column open. Still on the hook once two yarn over on the hook in the next. we will knit a loop of the base with two crochets. Now all the loops knit 1 loop fasten air. We perform 5 air loops 2 crochets per hook. We start the hook loop in which already knitted previous column about knitting a column with two crochets. Again 2 yarn over on the hook in the next the loop of the base.

The next column with two crochets and the third time two crochets on the hook. In the next loop of the base column with two crochets. Now all the loops knit one loop. We fix the air perform 5 air loops and then we will knit in the same way about knitting 3 columns with two crochets and one common tip. First column knit at the base previous column. The first column with two crochets the second column with two crochets and the third double crochet column all loops knit 1 loop. We fix the air we perform 5 air loops and so we knit in a circle and so knitted in a circle 8 lush columns. Each column consists of three columns with two crochets between columns performed 5 air loops at the end also knitted 5 air loops. Now knit connecting post. We start the hook in the first air loop grab the loop and pull it through main loop. We perform one air loop air chain hook about knitting 8 single crochet. First single crochet 2 single crochet 3 4 fifth sixth seventh and eighth column single crochet. In the next arch we knit 4 columns single crochet. First single crochet 2 stitch 3 and 4 column from this place we will knit the corner of this square is done. Then 12 air loops now from the beginning of knitting air chains count the third loop times for three time. Insert the hook into the third loop about knitting a connecting post stretched. The loop and this loop pulled through the main loop. The next loop in the same way. We capture the connecting column loop and pull it through the main loop and in the last air loop for sure.

Also stretched the connecting column loop and this loop was pulled through main loop. We will also knit over a single crochet connecting post it turns out. Here is such a ring on leg on the second half of the arch. We will knit 4 single crochet. We knit all subsequent arches exactly in the same alternation first 8 air loops. Then we knit an arch in the middle of which we perform this here is the element for the corner of the square. We knitted all the arches alternating between an arch of 8 single crochet. Next arch also columns without but in the middle they performed base for the corner in total turned out 4 such grounds further we knit a connecting column. We introduce a hook over the first column without grab the loop and pull through the main loop.