This is super beautiful pattern for blankets, pillow covers, rugs, table mats or coasters. I love this pattern. It Is lacy pattern and gives very fancy look to your blankets or any other projects you are doing with this pattern. This pattern is very suitable for baby blankets, as it looks so pretty. If you want you can do a bed throw with this pattern,then pillow cases with same pattern to give a delicate look to your room. It starts from the center and then goes around . It has four corners, not very sharp, round corners. For pillow case or covers, do less rows , according to your size. There is no restriction to the size in this pattern. You can make it bigger or smaller as your desire. You can do a room rug, in a hug size. As you can see, if gives floral look. There are shell stitches and then a lacy style on the top of shell stitches. Colour is your choice. If you like , you can add two or more colors in this pattern too. I have attached video pattern for this blanket. I hope you will like it . Follow the pattern step by step , then make a cute blanket for your baby.

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Video pattern


  1. Could you please work slowly so we could follow what you are doing. I would love to have a go at this but can’t always understand what you are doing

    • Hello.There is an option on youtube, to slow the video. You can slow it, if you can’t understand

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