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What do you think about this lace jacket? This is just beyond my thoughts. I really wonder how one can make such a pretty thing with crochet. This is just amazing. This even does not look like handmade. This is absolutely 100% handmade. This looks difficult to do. The technique , that is used in this jacket, is called Burges lace . This lace technique is so unique and different from the other crochet laces or stitches. This is really pretty and lovely looking jacket. I would love to do a jacket in the same color and with the same pattern. I just love the look. This is eye-catching and really gorgeous. I love that and i would love to share the pattern for this pattern too. Crochet is a vast field and has hundred thousands techniques and stitches. We just know about 50 to 100 stitches i crochet. Every country has its different stitches in crochet. Culture also effects the stitches. If you go through, the Arabic countries mostly do doilies and stitches with the thin yarn. If we go to Europe countries, people mostly do big stitches with chunky yarns, simple stitches mostly. Irish people do the different stitches and not very simple. So everyone has his own techniques in crochet.SO this is called Burges lace technique. This is different from the normal crochet stitches.

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You can see here the pattern of this jacket in graph. The simple pattern is done in normal crochet stitch with chains and double crochet. You need to make five chains and then three double crochet stitches, again 5 chains and repeat. In next row, one single crochet in the center of 5 chains, then three chains, 1 sc in the center double crochet then again 3 chains, 1 sc in the center of 5 chains, repeat. Its all like that. This simple net pattern is for the top and for the back pattern and for half sleeves.

This is the Burges flower that is used in sleeves and on the bottom of the jacket. First you start from the center and then goes around with the Burges crochet technique. This is not very tough to understand. I will add a video for this pattern so you will understand it easily.


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