Hello and welcome to my crochet page . Today you are gonna learn some new and easy stitches and patterns to make vests, sweater, shawls, cardigans, baby blankets and motifs. These are are free pattern and free tutorials for you to watch and learn. All patterns are totally free and taken from the YouTube. If you like these free patterns, please share my page with your friends and family members who love to crochet. These patterns are easy and quick. You need to have yarn with your favorite color and a hook. Hook size and yarn size is your choice but i recommend 2 to 3mm hook and 3 ply yarn for blanket and 2 ply yarn size for summer vests or shawls. These are easy and Quick pattern and you will learn these easily. I have also two YouTube channels where i share my patterns. Subscribe my YouTube channels and show your love with crochet.

This pattern is so easy and quick . This is specially made for doing a summer vest or a summer top. You can use single color or multiple colors in this pattern

This is really cool and gorgeous pattern to make a too with this pattern using any color. Pattern is so simple and easy to make . You just need to learn how to do double crochet stitch and chains.

This pattern is done in three beautiful colors using very easy stitch. This is best for doing a baby blanket or a cardigan using different colors.

This is flower coaster or a flower motif. You can use this as cup coaster or you can make these and join them to make a shawl or a tablecloth.

This is my favorite daisy flower motif pattern. Pattern is so quick and easy. This pattern is started by making a magic ring then doing 12 double crochet stitches in this magic ring. White petals are done with chains . Simple and easy pattern. In this pattern, a tablecloth would be so gorgeous.

This is the last pattern for the day. This is easy one and done by doing chains and then joining them. This is ideal pattern to do a shawl or a scarf in two colors.

SO today i have a special pattern for baby blankets , cardigans, throws, shawls,, and bags. This pattern is really very interesting and beautiful. If you are searching a new pattern for your projects, then you are on right place to get a new pattern. So grab your favorite color yarns and pick this pattern. This pattern is quite cool and adorable and can be fit in any of your project. In this pattern you need more than one color. Its your choice to use two color or multiple colors in this pattern. I am attaching a video pattern for this stitch for you to understand this pattern easily. This video pattern is done in detailed procedure. You can learn this pattern very well if you follow this video pattern carefully. This is super easy to understand. I hope you would love to try this pattern. thank you in advance.

I have this beautiful pattern for spiral mint or peppermint blanket pattern. This is really beautiful and easy pattern for making a blanket. In this pattern you have to make these spirals separately . Next or the last step is to join al the spirals or all the motifs together. This is pretty cool pattern and really easy. You just need to learn one motif, you you are up. This pattern can be use in any of the project. You can make blankets, throws, bed spreads, shawls, bags, or many more projects. I am attaching a video pattern for this blanket for you to make it easily. You can use the colors of your choice. I hope you would like this pattern. Thank you in advance.