Hello and welcome to my crochet page where i share free pattern for all crochet items . Sometimes i do share paid patterns but that is very rare. Sometimes I do not get free pattern for a written pattern so i attach a paid written pattern. Mostly people only understands a pattern by written instructions . Today i have free pattern in video form but you can follow them by their subtitles if you only understand written patterns. In these video patterns, instructions are given in English video or you can change the subtitle to your language. I hope you will understand these patterns easily.

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This is first free pattern for making crochet tops, throws, bags, skirts, dress and table cloths. This is so easy and cool pattern for making all these projects. Pattern is just simple and free pattern to follow. These are done by making granny squares and them joining them together. You can do this in your favorite color and in your desired size. I have attached the free pattern with picture. You can get the free pattern by clicking on the picture.

Next pattern is lace or border free pattern. This is beautiful and classic pattern to make laces or blankets borders or dress borders. This is just awesome. Pattern is used is really easy . Pine apple pattern is done here to make this lace gorgeous. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Everyone loves to do some special pattern for making tops or summer items. This is very unique and awesome pattern specially for summer projects like tops, shirts, beach overall or vests. This is super cute and easy free pattern for your desired projects. When you will click on the picture , you will directly lead to the free pattern.

This is our lase free pattern for making laces or borders. This is different from the regular lace pattern. This pattern starts from making a full flower then going up by making half flowers. This is beautiful pattern to make lace, borders, scarfs, even vest by joining then together. I have attached a free pattern for this lace with the picture. I hope you would enjoy all free pattern and would love these to your friends.

This is really beautiful pattern. This shawl is in triangle shape . You can say it a prayer shawl or you can use this for a wedding event. This looks so pretty and beautiful for a lady. Pattern is very beautiful for a shawl. Puffs and spiders are done in this shawl pattern. This shawl is done in off-white color , to give a really classic and pretty look. You can do this shawl in any color of your choice. You can do this shawl in big or small size. Small size shawl can be used as a scarf or like a cowl around the neck. Big shawl can be used over shoulders. Done this shawl in single color or multi color to give more pretty look. I love this shawl and want to make one for myself. Do this shawl for you or your mother for any event like church days or for mother’s day. Below I am attaching pattern in video and graph pattern for all you guys. If you do not like to watch videos, you can understand this pattern easily by a graph. In graph , stitches, chains and puffs are counted. So  you do not need to worry about this. For other crochet learners, I am attaching a video pattern in step by step pattern. This is really great video for this shawl. I hope you will understand it easily. Thank you in advance.