Crochet Floral Pattern for Vest sweater shawls free pattern

crochet floral pattern

hello, I suggest you crochet a beautiful floral openwork pattern. here is such a wonderful pattern I got.  it knits easily, simply and quickly in one breath. the eye consists of small flowers, this is how the front side of this. This is what the reverse side looks like fly off. this pattern I’m made of thin cotton in 50 grams. I have 280 meters and a crochet hook while using a thin 075 millimeters like this on the knitting pattern. flower pattern starting chain must be a multiple of 10 an air loop on the diagram. such an arch with numbers means the number of air loops for example, this arch is knitted from 10 air loops and 8 air loops are knitted in the middle of the flower. the pattern is just two next to the red line. outlined these rows from each other. first in one direction half of the flower is knitted and then in the opposite direction. knit and the second half of this flower. Then the flowers are knitted in a checkerboard pattern. you can also put the video on pause and consider this scheme in more detail.

we make the first loop and knit a chain of air loops multiple of 10 in air loops. here I knitted a chain of 2 air loops. now for the next row you need to dial an additional 22 air loops. 23 air loops is the rise is the transition to the next row. now count the eighth loop. we hook into the eighth loop and we knit a connecting column and knit four more connecting posts along the air chain. 1 connecting column here the second connecting post 3 and 4 connecting column turned out such a ring based on this. we knit the first flower by throwing the air chain through the thread. we perform two air loops and knit 2 columns with two double crochets 1 column. everything even the second double crochet then 4 air loops and ring about knitting a single crochet. once again perform four air loops and 2 crochets on the hook here in the same ring about knitting 2 more double crochet column. now you need this petal knitted and half connected to the air chain along the air chain, count the tenth loop.

we drive the hook into the tenth loop, we stretch the working loop through this tenth loop and return to knitting this petal about. we knit 2 more columns with two crochets. the first column here the second column with two crochets with this we perform four air loops and ring about knitting a single crochet. go to knitting the next petal, collect 4 air loops. 2 crochets on a hook in a ring about knitting 2 columns with two double crochet. 1 column here the second column get knitted this flower half. now we perform 6 air loops. I count the tenth loop along the air chain ten.  we will hook into the tenth loop we stretch the working loop based on this air chain. we knit squares we perform 6 air loops. 1 yarn over on the hook and in the third loop knit a column with one crochet.

it turns out the first square, these squares are also knitted half the second half of the squares is tied in the next row. Now on top of this square we will knit another square; for this we collect 6 air loops. now flip the knitting to the other side. we make 1 yarn over on the hook and here in the corner from the air chain. about knitting a column with one crochet turned out on top 2 square.

Full tutorial is HERE