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This is crocheted floor rug. This is so beautiful and eye catching rug . This is 100% handmade with yarn. This rug is crocheted by a really great crochet artist. Crochet is the art or the technique to create everything that you can imagine of. This is the best and great example of crochet art. You can see the beauty in every stitch that is done in making this rug. This is purely made with love to give a more pretty look to your room. You can place this rug to your living room or your bed room . Even you can make these rug to use in toilet or kitchen. Many people make and use crochet little mats or rugs for bathroom and kitchen. For this rug, its pure acrylic yarn. Acrylic yarn is better for the rugs and mats because it do not create a rug look after wash. This is pretty and classic . If you like , you can do this pattern for making doilies or table cloth with thin yarn and small hook. This pattern would look so pretty in thin yarn too. Doilies with this pattern, would be great things. I am attaching video pattern for this rug. This rug has 36 rounds in total. So, for this, i have 5 video parts for all rounds. You can create this rug easily by watching all the parts. If you do follow all parts, your rug will be the same as this. You can skip so rows if you want not very big sized rug. It all depends on you. You can ad more color or do it in single color. For those, who can’t understand a pattern by video, i have attached a graph pattern for this rug to understand it easily. I hope you will understand this easily. Thank you in advance.

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This is Crochet Vest pattern  or shawl pattern for you all . I have brought this pattern specially sweaters vesta or shawls. This looks super cute . This pattern looks like knitting patterns but this is 100% crocheted. This is all handmade only with crochet, no sewing is needed in this pattern. This pattern is specially designed for the vest for women. You can see the beauty of this pattern . There are puff flowers in the lines and floating lines looks so great. In this pattern, you need to learn some basic stitches of crochet. You need to learn how to do double crochet , how to do front post double crochet and how to do puff stitch . Puff stitch is also called popcorn stitch. In puff stitch, we wrap yarn around the hook for four or five time and then block the stitch. Double crochet is the basic stitch in crochet. You need to learn this stitch when you start learning crochet. Front post double crochet is same as double crochet . But in front post double crochet, we insert the hook not on the top f the stitch, but we insert hook in the previous row’s stitch from the front side. Front post double crochet is called FPDC in crochet language. Double crochet is DC and chains are CH. So you need to learn also these abbreviations in this. Many people do not take the full name of the stitches, so you have to learn all these abbreviations .This pattern is not only for vest or shawl, you can do blankets , throws, bags, hats, or cardigans with this pattern. You also can do the skirts in this pattern. This is lovely pattern and can be fit in any project.  I have attached a video pattern for this . I hope you would love to try this.