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How are you all? Today I have a really pretty plus simple pattern for women vest or sweater. This sweater is really very simple and easy. Every crochet artist or crochet beginner can make this easily . The pattern in this sweater is used , is very simple. If you are a beginner and you only know how to crochet chains and how to crochet double crochet, then you must ready to follow this pattern. This is very easy pattern for you, you can make this sweater easily. This pattern is specially for the beginners who are on start level. Every beginner know the chain and double crochet stitch. You can see the leaves design in this pattern or can call it pineapple stitch. All pattern is done in chains and double crochet stitch. This sweater is done with full length sleeves . Single color is used in this crochet sweater for a lady to wear it causally . If you like, you can add more colors or can it in multiple colors. If you love, you can skip the sleeves portion. You can skip sleeves portion or you can do half sleeves for this vest sweater. For this sweater, a small border is done around the sweater and around the sleeves. This pattern is really easy for everyone who can do chains and can do double crochet stitch. This pattern is not only for vest or sweaters, you can use this pattern in blanket, shawls, scarfs, bed throws, curtains, mats, baby cardigans, hats , bags and many more projects. Any project can fit in this pattern. This is very easy to fit in any of your coming project. Below I am attaching video pattern and some graph pictures pattern for you all to understand it easily . Video is just for , how to make this stitch, but with picture pattern , you can do a full length vest. I hope you will understand this easily. Thank you in advance.


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Everyone is  in searching for a pretty pattern for headband. This looks so cute on girls. I made this in two soft colors , pink and white. Pink color is added on the base, as you can see the snake figure part . Then I added the white color on the next part, that is floral type. You can add other pretty color. Make this headband with matching dress , or cardigans. The best thing or this pattern is, you can us this pattern for making laces, borders, belts , curtain belts ,scarfs etc. This would look so pretty in every item. This second part, white, it adds more beauty in this pattern. I always search for lace pattern ,then cover those lace patterns into headband. Another idea, do this pattern in thin yarn and make a bracelet. This is the brilliant idea. then add some beads on that bracelet .