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So today i have a very special yet easy pattern for making blankets or throws for your bed. This is kind of easy pattern for making pretty blankets. This is all made with triangles and then joining those triangles for giving the square shape, and then joining all squares together. This is really very simple pattern for making granny triangle and then attaching other color to make a complete square. I am attaching a video for how to make these squares in two shades of colors. These type of granny squares are called half and half granny squares. They are called half and half because half part is done in one color, next half done in an other color. One granny square have 2 shades of colors all around. For making this blanket, you have to do measurements for the blanket you wanna make. In simple words, take your blanket size and do the squares according to that taken size. This is easy pattern and simple for making a blanket. Once you have made all the squares for the blanket, next and last step is to join all together with some other color yarn. In this picture, you can see that every granny is done in different color and the joining color is the same for the whole blanket. They have used the color to join all the squares. Black color is used for making this blanket more beautiful. If you used some of the colors that is done in the square, then these would be a mess . So you need to have a different color that you have not used in granny squares. You can use less colors for this blanket too. Its all up to you. I hope you would love this pattern and would love to try one. If you have any question about this blanket patter, you can ask in comment section. Below, i am attaching 2 videos. One video is for how to make these half and half granny squares. The other second video is for how to join them all. I hope you will understand this easily. Thank you in advance.

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