Hello and welcome to my crochet pate. Hope you all are doing well. Weekend is around the corner and you all will be searching some new patterns for new projects. I have new and interesting patterns and new stitches for you to make some new projects.

These all patterns are totally free to follow and share. If you like these patterns, please do share with your friends and crochet lovers.

These are very cool patterns, and you can do a lot of new things with these patterns. Mostly patterns are for making motifs in square. These motifs are in square shape so you can join them and make blankets, Afghans, cardigans and lot of other big projects. All patterns are taken from the YouTube and these works totally belong to those artists.

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This is just perfect pattern to create a square lap blanket or baby Afghan in different shades of colors. You can do this motif in small size and then join to make a big thing. You can use as many colors as you want but 3 colors are necessary in this patterns because they look perfect.

Next pattern is very cool in texture and colors. This can also be made in big or small size to make projects in your size. You can do these in small size to make coasters.

These are so cute cup coasters made with a beautiful pattern with layered border. I just love the pattern.

This is very decent looking pattern with dull colors. This is suitable to do some cushion covers in this pattern or whatever you like to do.

Look at these small motifs done in very eye-catching colors.  These are started from the center as circle then worked around to make square.

This is best motif pattern to make beautiful throws and table runner in different colors.  For the start , make a simple flower with eight petals and then work around this flower.

This tulip flower coaster is ideal for you decoration on the table. This can be used as mat or rug too, if you make more big size.I have made this mat in small dish size. You can convert this for cup size or tray size.

Written pattern for Coaster

Circle, Total 6 rounds in circle, hook 1.5mm, yarn 2/3 ply

R1; MC, 12 dc(12)

R2; 2dc in each st(24)

R3; 1dc, 1inc (36)

R4; 2dc, 1 inc (48)

R5; 3dc, 1inc (60)

R6; 4dc, 1inc (72)

Color change, round 7, 1ch, 1sc, 1ch, 1sc, repeat

color change, round 8, 1 puff st in each space of 1ch from previous round

color change , round 9, 6dc in 1st puff top st, skip 2nd puff top st, 6dc in 3rd puff top st, skip 4th puff top st … REPEAT

color change , round 10, sc in each dc st


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