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Today in this blog i will share ten of the pretty crochet patterns of blankets, bags, scrunchy, and coasters. All patterns are just beautiful and free to follow. You can learn these patterns easily b watching free patterns videos.

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All patterns are below

This pattern is for making shawls, scarfs, summer vests and summer dress. This is beautiful pattern and can be made easily. This is too airy and perfect for summer garments. Go to my channel to get free pattern.

This pattern is for making coasters for cups. If you want you can make them bigger for dishes. This is beautiful pattern with pretty unique border. This would look great in any of two colors.

This is beautiful pattern for making cardigans, blankets, throws, bags and many more. In this pattern you can see leaves in lines. If you know about crocodile stitch, then you can easily make this.

This is crochet bow made with only chains. This is super easy and really simple for the beginners. Chains are made and then attaching them all .You can attach this bow to your dress, bags, shoes, headbands and hats.

These tiny coasters are super cute. Pattern is so simple and any one can do it easily. If you like you can all 2 or 3 colors in one coaster, too.

This bag is done in a unique pattern called Herringbone stitch. This pattern looks so great for bags and hats. You can use this pattern in any project. This is easy and you can learn in no time.

These scrunchies are done with crochet. This is super cool idea to make a simple scrunchy into a fancy one.

This pattern is beautiful and suitable for many projects. You can make these squares for coasters, blankets, throws, bags, scarfs, and cardigans too.

This pattern is my favorite one. Four colors are used in this pattern. Every color row is done after 3 rows. This is easy and fast pattern and best suitable for any of your projects, either baby projects or yours.

Last pattern is for a table runner or mat. This pattern is very nice and easy . Turkish designer made this crochet mat for table. I love the colors that are used in this pattern. For free pattern, click on the picture and get free pattern.

If you have any question, you can ask me in comment section. I hope you would love all these patterns. Thank you in advance.

If you have any question regarding the patterns or anything else, you can ask me in comment section. Feel free to share your crochet journey and rochet patterns if you write or do tutorials. I would love to look forward to your work.