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Today I made this Lace with a very easy and simple pattern .This is made from bottom to top with only one line yarn, There is no need to cut the yarn. This lace pattern is easy and simple to follow. You just need to learn 1 row for this Lace, next you will do all with the same pattern. I like this idea coz its easy for everyone. If you are a beginner ,and you only know about chains and double crochet, then this lace is for you. You just need to do chains and double crochets all over the lace. This lace can be use as headband. Headband idea is so cool with this pattern. Make a headband and then attach a matching flower on this headband. This lace can be used on dress bottom, top, bags, scarfs , or on blankets. You can also use this lace as for bracelet for girls. I hop you would love this idea for making lace.

Written pattern

make 2 chains, loose the loop and do a double crochet in first chain. Make 3 chain,3dc in the same stitch.

turn,make two slst in next two stitches, 3ch,2dc,3ch,3dc in same space.

turn again,3slst (in 2nd,3rd and spce),3ch,2dc,3dc in same spc

Its all same, repeat till your desire length.

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Video pattern