Crochet Easy Fast Sleeper Shoes Free Pattern

crochet sleeper free pattern fast

Hello friends Welcome to my Web page. Hope you all are doing Well. So, for today I have an amazing and beautiful design for making a ladies Sleeper. This Is VERY Easy AND Fast pattern to make. it is very easy to make crochet in this video.

I will explain the work booties, the material I will use in my booties, I use Lady half booties thread. A rope of100 grams and a length of 250 meters. friends, if the crochet number is, you can make it smaller and larger according to the frequency of your hand. This yarn is very Because it is soft, I use a 2 no 1.75 millimeter crochet hook.

I have a preliminary preparation for my booties, it is very easy to make in this way. very stylish, a bootie model that suits Duran’s dowry very well, friends, there is no seam anywhere here’s the heel part and the front part That’s why my shoes are suitable for 38 and 39 feet I will also give the starting number if you can make it smaller or larger if you want the same way as the start, only one for the handrails that I gave You add handrails to the beginning part. I’m starting 13 handrails. if you make 36 37, start 12 bannisters. If you make a size 40-41 or something, start with 14 handrails Ours is suitable for size 38 39 Other than that, everything is the same. part of it is the same. Of course you can do it more. I drew 3 chains according to the size. I completed 6 of my chains in total. I sunk into the chain I made, I connected the ends, I made 3 chains Friends, I never calculate this chain as a handrail on the bootie, it’s just our edge.

It is for this reason that I will start counting my handrails from now on 13 in the ring. let’s make. I’ve completed 13 of my handrails, now I’m not touching the chain, look, it’s the first one You have the handrail that I am, the right side of my first handrail I made here So exactly

I’m sinking the top of the chain to this side, not this side, I combined the ends like this, don’t scroll I did it with the method I made 3 chains at the entrance again After 3 chains. I made 13 handrails in the first row, this time double inside each slot. I’m sinking I’m sinking again in the same nest 2 moving on to the next slot I sink again in a same slot 2 double each slot and complete the whole row Let’s complete it, I’m at the top of the line, I have 26 in total. I have one handrail again I’m not touching the chain on top of my first handrail except for this chain in your hand when you count with the sliding technique.

There will be 26 in total, now I have made 3 chains again. I made a handrail I took my crochet in the same nest again a handrail to the first slot 2 handrails 2. one handrail for the slot 2 handrails for 3 slots One handrail for 4 slots 2 handrails for 5 slots. In this way, Friends, our whole row in the form of a couple, a single, a couple, a single. let’s complete I came to the end of the line, we started with a double, we finished with a single, I have a total at the moment There are 39 handrails, and in the same way, I slipped to the first handrail 3. I made my chain of grains now we’re going to go over the number available in this order What We will neither decrease nor increase, so we have 39 handrails for each slot. We make a handrail by sinking our crochet only once

let’s go this way until the end of our turn. I turned the whole line and came to the beginning of the row, I still have 39 handrails.  friends, look now, I made 3 chains again. I’m sinking into the slot I entered, which will be the increase process again, 1 in the same slot.

Full tutorial is HERE


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