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Today i have 5 beautiful pattern for making baby blankets or afghans. These all patterns are super cute and easy to make . You can do these patterns by watching and following all these free patterns. I have attached free patterns with each picture for you to make these gorgeous projects.

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This pattern is super beautiful and cool looking. Two colors are used in the pattern piece, white and pink. This pattern is zigzag pattern. If you use only one color, then there will be no design of zigzag. So i recommend to use two or more colors in this pattern.This is best suitable for making baby blankets, afghans, throws, shawls, bags, cardigans, mats, scarfs and vests. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

This pattern is more easy and fast than the first one. This is done in 2 pretty colors, white and yellow. This pattern can be done in single color or multiple colors. This is easy and gorgeous pattern and be used to make cardigans, tops, shawls, scarfs, throws and bags. To get this pattern, click on the picture.

This pattern is just gorgeous. This is done by using two types of stitches, shell stitch and Tunisian stitch. This is really differnt and unique in its own way. This can be used to make baby blankets, afghans, shawls, bags, scarfs, mats and many other things. This is super cute and also easy. You can add beads or pearls in this pattern, but its optional.

This is so cute pattern. This is best for making all type of projects, babies or adults. You can make a gorgeous sweater or a blanket with this pattern. This is easy and nice.

This last pattern is done in 2 colors. The special thing in this pattern is, both sides of this pattern can be used. You can use both sides as right size. This is really nice. Use two color to make more attractive and than use both sides.

This pattern looks so pretty for a blanket. If you have a small kid, make a blanket for him or her. But due to some holes, you have to attach a soft lining on back of this blanket. Lining will make the blanket comfier. So this is my suggestion for blanket. This pattern is mostly used to make fibers. Make this pattern for a floor mat, use this as rug, use this as table mat, or in smaller size, use this as dish mat. This is so cool and delicate pattern for any of your project. Shawls will be so pretty too. I hope you would love to try this pattern for your coming project. I am attaching the video pattern for this blanket for you to understand it easily.