Hello, my loves, how are you? Welcome everyone to another pattern here on the web page. If you haven’t signed up yet, sign up now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. This stitch that we are going to learn in today’s class is a very easy stitch to make. We are going to use very simple stitches, but we are going to leave a very sophisticated and beautiful piece for us to work with any piece we want. To make this stitch we always need to initially make an odd number of chains.

Crochet Easy Beautiful Sweater Vest Shawls Pattern FREE

Crochet Easy Beautiful Sweater Vest Shawls Pattern FREE

So to make this sample here with you. I’m going to work making 35 chains. Always odd number of chains. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to start working on the third chain. These two chains that are here in the corner already serve as the first point of the line. Let’s go next time and work on the low point as well. we will continue to do this throughout our line. Low point in each chain we have as a base. I always work just taking this string from the top of the chain to make the work easier here. This is how we do it until the end. Arriving here at the end of the first line, we have 34 points.

Now let’s make two chains here. Loop the needle and turn our work over. On this line we are going to work taking only the string behind our stitch. So in this stitch here that we’ve already worked, we’re going to take the loop from the back of this first stitch and we’re going to bring a loop. Let’s go to the next stitch and bring another loop , leaving four loops here on the hook. We’re going to take three and we take two more. We loop our needle again. Let’s go in that space where we worked the last point. We bring a loop. We go in the next stitch and bring a loop. We take three and we take two.

Crochet Easy Beautiful Sweater Vest Shawls Pattern FREE

So we’re going to repeat this way, always starting here at this point that we’ve already worked on. Then we go to the next point and work that way. Let’s repeat like this for our entire row. Always doing with the stitch back here. Taking the loop behind the base point to make this relief here on the front of our piece. Arriving here at the end of our line, we are going to work the last stitch here, picking up this little loop here behind this chain that we have here at the base.

That way leaving a handle here in front. So we make the last stitch of the line and look how beautiful our work is already looking. Now we are going to make a chain. Flip our work. In this row we are going to work low point. Repeating what we did in the first row, but now we are not going to work taking the back string of our stitch.

We are now going to take this string here in front. So in this first stitch I’m going to put the needle here and I’m going to work low point. Let’s go to the next stitch taking only the front string and work low point. So, we’re going to work the whole line. Always taking only this string from the base point. Leaving a relief on the other side of our piece.


  1. I absolutely adore all of your patterns but can never find information or instructions in my language. This pattern that you posted on Feb. 2,2023 isn’t on YOUTUBE. Please help me get this pattern. I love it. Trying to make a shawl for my older sister who has Leukemia. I really fell in love with this particular stitch and I am sure she will too. Thank you for your help.
    Ivy Sistrunk

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