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Today i have a very special and pretty dress pattern for little princess. This dress is so beautiful with full layers in bottom. This dress is made with multiple stitches with in. All stitches are pretty nd also easy for you to make for your baby girls. Fir of all, if you see the yoke, these are three type of patterns or stitches are made to complete the yoke of this dress. These pattern are super easy and everyone can make them . There is double crochet stitch is used in the main and basic area of the yoke of the dress. Then there is fillet stitch is done. Fillet stich is really easy and the mixture of chains and double crochet stitch. For this stitch, do a double crochet stitch , make three chains, again do a double crochet stitch by skipping 3 stitches from the previous line, from the hook. This fillet stitch is easy to do. Then in the sleeves area, the pattern of the bottom is used in this area too. For this pattern i have attached graph picture and also a video pattern. From these pattern , you can make this pattern easily. In the bottom, frills are given with a beautiful pattern. Video is given for the frills pattern. You can make the frills same by watching video and following step by step. This pattern is easy and simple to do. It looks so pretty and beautiful for a baby dress. If you like you can use the frills pattern for making skirts or long gowns . Pattern is super beautiful for the skirts too. In this dress, white color is the basic and pink color is used to give the out lines for the patterns. Pink color is creating more pretty look with the white color. I love this pattern with the same color.

Another dress is made with the same pattern from the bottom. You can see the graph pattern for the frills. You can count the stitches and make the pretty frills for the dress.

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How is this beautiful blanket? Follow the steps to make this blanket.

Method 1: With right sides facing you, lay two strips side by side. With Color B, slip stitch these strips together by going through the top loop of each strip, matching stitch for stitch. You will want to work through only about 2 or 3 of the end trebles, leaving the remainder free to form a scallop at each end.
Method 2 (alternate joining): You can single crochet the strips together, forming a slight ridge between each strip. To do this method, hold strips, wrong sides together, and single crochet through one stitch from each strip, matching stitch for stitch. Again, use only about 2 or 3 of the end trebles, leaving the rest free to form a scallop edge.

You can make this pattern in any length or width you like, simply by adding more rows and strips. For an adult size or big size, 17 strips and 100 rows would be a very nice afghan. Be sure to buy more and extra yarn if you wish to enlarge this pattern.