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This is very simple and easy pattern for crochet blanket. This pattern is so easy to do. Every beginner can do this pattern easily. If you know about how to crochet chains, and double crochet, then its really easy for you to do this pattern for blanket or shawls. This pattern is made with the basic stitches. This pattern is not only for baby blankets or normal blankets, this pattern can best use to make any of your project. You can use this pattern in shawls, bags, scarfs, baby cardigans, women vests, girl tops , bed throws, etc. This is so easy and simple pattern for all to do. This pattern can be done in any color or single color. You can do this pattern in only one color if you do not like more multiple colors. The blanket that is done in this pattern , is with three beautiful colors. This blanket is in peach or pink , grey and white color. These three colors are the best contrast with each other. These type of contrasts look so great. Crochet this blanket or shawls and get appreciations from everyone. I love the color and the pattern that is used in this blanket. I am attaching a video pattern for this blanket pattern, in this blog. You will understand this pattern easily. I have used 3 ply yarn and 2.5mm hook size for this pattern. But if you are using chunky yarn then use a big size hook as 5 to 7mm size. For baby blanket, 3 or 4 play yarn is enough size. But for throws or shawls, you can use chunky yarn to make more cozy and warm.

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Crochet this beautiful top for women or girls. Its made in the large size women. Its started from the bottom, and then to top. There are three types of stitches are used in making this top. three tops are done in different colours. Every top is done in only one colour. Below, am attaching the pattern pictures and also some more pictures of this top.

Crochet Baby blanket pattern with three color yarn look so pretty and cool. I have done this pattern in 3 colors, yo can add as many colors as you want. Each color has two rows.This is 2 rows pattern. Really easy to do and fast to complete. You can do blankets, cardigans, women vest, bags, scarfs, mittens ,hats with this stitch.


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