Hello and welcome to my crochet page. Hope you all are doing great. So, i am here again to share 4 beautiful patterns for crochet doilies or coasters. All patterns are really very gorgeous . You can make them easily as simple stitches are used in these doilies. I have attached the free patterns with the picture. You can get these free patterns by clicking on the pictures.

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This is the first crochet doily. This is huge in size so it can easily fir on a table. If you like you can make it in small size by skipping some rows from start. This is really beautiful doily and done in pretty pink color. You can add you own favorite color or you can do it in multiple colors. If you want a small size without skipping any row, then chose small hook and thin yarn for this. That will be of you choice.

This doily is super cute plus heavy . This is made n two colors , white and pink, to make beautiful contrast. Start of this doily is simple as normal circle. Border is added really unique and gorgeous. You can add more colors or you can do it in 2 colors. This is really cute and you can make this in any size. This pattern can be used to make huge room rug or kitchen rug. This is adjustable pattern for any coaster, mat, rug or doily.

This coaster pattern is really cute and you can use this pattern to make blankets, throws, scarfs, bags and shawls. This can be use din any project as it is square and can be attached and fit in any project. This is interesting pattern and done in two parts. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Last but not the least, This coasters is just gorgeous. You can make this easily by following all step . Click on the picture to get free pattern.

How is this crochet baby dress? this is so lovely for a little cute baby. I love the style and pattern. It is really unique and adorable. This is open shirt, you can call it cardigan , and a skirt. Skirt is in pleated style ,just to give a classic look. This is the easiest pattern that anyone can do it easily. All stitches are done in Fillet pattern and some puffs. If you see the shirt, most of the pattern is done in fillet stitch. The border and near border, puff are done. Border is in 2 or 3 rows. First rows in single crochet stitch. Next or last row for border is done in pretty shape. This is also easy to do. Do a single crochet , then 3ch,again 2 or 3 sc, again 3 ch, repeat, its all. Little flowers are attached on shirt to give a blossom look, coz shirt is in very light color. Skirt is also done in the same off white color. On skirt, flowers are not attached in different colors. Border pattern is bit different in skirt. Beads are added there. Shirt is full sleeves. On sleeves, there are also flowers.