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This afghan pattern is so simple and easy to make. In this blog i will tell you how to make this afghan with daisy flowers step by step. This looks super cute and lovely . You can make this afghan as it is in the same multiple colors . Multiple colors give very lively look to any of the project. Bu mostly people do not like multiple colors or different colors. So those people can keep this pattern with 2 or three colors. Today i will show you how to make this pattern as same as shown in the picture.

In this picture of the afghan, you can see the different multiple colors. All color look so beautiful in this pattern. Every box of the flower is done in different color. These all boxes are done with the different color but with the same pattern that i will show you , below. This afghan looks so delicate with all these colors. You can make you own color contrasts and do an afghan or a blanket with this beautiful daisy pattern. Main thing in this afghan is that the basic of the center of all flowers or center of all boxes is done in the same color yellow. Every flower has he yellow center and that is the beautiful thing in this afghan. For making this afghan , first you have to make all the boxes or the squares of these flowers then attach them all together.

In this picture you can see that without the multiple colors, you can use only three colors and make the afghan more beautiful . They have used only three colors in this afghan. They have used yellow as the basic of the center, white for the daisy petals, and then green for the background . Green color is used to combine all the squares . These three colors are looking more beautiful than those multiple colors.

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Things you need to make this beautiful blanket.

Hook; You need a Hook with size H

Finished Afghan size; 33′ x 38′

With color A make ch 7, sl st in chain first to make a ring. then ch 3

ROW 1; Make 2d, ch3, 3dc, all in ring. 3ch,and turn.

ROW2; In ch3 space of previous row, b/w group or 3 dc,make 3dc, 3ch, 3dc. now finish this row by making 1dc in top of the turning chain of previous row.

ROW 3 to 55; Continue as in row 2, always working (3 dc, chain 3, 3 dc) in chain-3 space of previous row. End off after row 55. With Color B, join in any space along side of strip. Chain 3, 2 dc in same space, * 3 dc in next space, repeat from * all along side, 15 treble in space at end of strip, 3 double crochet in every space along side, 15 treble in space at end of strip, 3 double crochet in every space along side, 15 treble in end of the strip, continue to beginning of round, join with slip stitch to top of beginning chain, fasten off.
You will need to make 12 strips. When you have all the strips complete, begin to join strips.