Crochet cute Square Motif Pattern free


Hello, my darlings, is everything alright with you? Welcome everyone to another class here on the channel. In today’s video we’re going to learn how to make another amazing and very easy crochet stitch.

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Crochet cute square motif pattern free

If you are not yet subscribed here on the channel, subscribe now. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel. Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make this stitch, we first need to make numbers that are multiples of 6 + 3, that is, we are going to make chains every six until we reach the size of our piece. Then we add three more chains to start the first row. To make this sample here with you, I’m going to work making 21 stitches. After doing all the initial chains. We’re going to loop our hook and now we’re going to start working on the sixth chain. We have here the first, second, third, fourth, fifth.

On the sixth chain we are going to make a double crochet here. We loop the needle. In the same space we are going to make another double crochet. In the same place we work the third stitch. We make a parting chain. We go back in the same place and work three more double crochets. Thus being the beginning of our line. Two space chains and three chains that serve as a high point. We loop the needle. Let’s skip two basis points. On the third we make a double crochet. We skip two points. In the next one we will repeat the fan making three double crochets. A chain and three double crochets in the same place. Let’s skip two points. In the next we make a double crochet. We skip two points. In the next we make the fan again.

We’ll keep interspersing the points like this throughout the line. To finish we’re going to skip two stitches and in the last one we make a double crochet like this here. We make three chains. We loop our needle. Within the space of a stream here from the fan, we’re going to work a fan again. Now we have this high point here. We are going to work it now on this embossed line. So we’re going to hug our point and here we work a high point in relief getting that way. We go on the next fan and repeat the fan again. Where we have this high point, we will work embracing it and making a high point in relief.

Let’s now skip two basis points. In the third stitch we will work double crochet. Inside this space we are going to make two double crochets. In the next stitch we make another double crochet. Notice that now we interspersed here the position of the four high points and the empty square. We make two chains. We skip two base points. At the next high point. Two double crochets together in this range of chains and in the next stitch we make a double crochet.

So we will continue interspersing throughout our line. Arriving at the end of this line here we start with an empty square. So let’s finish it the same way. We made two chains. Let’s go to the second chain that we have here and make a double crochet, always leaving both sides of the piece the same. We are now going to make two chains. We turned our work around and we are now going to repeat what we did in this line here. So within that space we work two double crochets in the same place.


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