Hello and welcome to my crochet page

Today i am here with amazing free patterns for crochet coasters or crochet table cup placements. These are really cute and easy patterns. In these coasters, different colors are used to give them more beauty. Below i will attach free pattern for all these coasters.

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This is so cool pattern and easy. You can see the flowers around the borders. First you have to make the simple circular coaster using single crochet stitch. There are ten rows of single crochet stitch in this coaster. If you like you can do double crochet stitch instead of single crochet stitch. Two colors are used in one coasters. These contrasts are looking so cute . Last step is to do puff flower sn and then attach them on these coasters borders. Click on the picture to get free pattern for these coasters.

The next coaster is really very cute and different in pattern. In this coaster , start with simple pattern ,and go round to round in different colors. Pattern is simple and easy for all to do. In this coaster, border design is different from the first one. Here little buds are done in border with the pattern, not separately. Click on the picture to get free pattern for this gorgeous table coaster or mat.

3rd pattern is as gorgeous as first two patterns. This is really very cute and new pattern. By looking at this pattern, you cannot understand that from where this is started. But believe me, Pattern is super easy for you to make it in first try. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

I love this pattern really much. This pattern is convertible in any of your projects, in any size. This is not for coasters or mats, you can use this pattern for making afghans, throws, bags, dish wash cloths, spreads ,scarfs and shawls. This pattern can be used n any project. You can use any color in this pattern.

I hope you would love these patterns and also share this page with you crochet friends.

today i have a very special and pretty easy pattern. It is full of 3d leaves and puffs. All are joined with each other and creating a shape of diamonds. Its easy to do . Fast going as it has All stitches in DC. Best ideal for baby blankets, baby cardigans, women vest, tops, bags. mats. scarfs, pocket shawls, caps, gloves etc.

Today’s pattern is 3d leaves in the line . It is easy and fast to do. Best ideal for baby blankets, baby cardigans, shawls, scarfs, bags, mats, or many more projects that you can think of. I have done it with 2 colors after each other. But if you love you can do it in single or multi colors. Hope you’ll like it .