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How is this circular jacket for women? This is purely love. I love the style and the stitches used in this jacket. You can call this circular cardigan or Crochet Bohemian hippie sweater . This is easy and simple to make. Simple stitches are used in this circular jacket to give a pretty and gorgeous look. If you are new to crochet and you only know very few stitches, then you do not worry. You can make this jacket easily by the simple and basic stitches. This jacket is done with a different style than regular vest or cardigans. Regular vest or cardigan are started from the bottom and some are started from the top. But this jacket is started from the center part that is on back. You have to start this jacket from the center part then going around. Full sleeves are added to his jacket, but you can skip the sleeves if you do not agree with these. You can make this jacket sleeveless . In the sleeves pattern, double crochet stitch is done . This is really simple and easy to do. Everyone can do this jacket easily. Below I have attached written and video pattern. Written pattern is not free. You have to pay for buying the written pattern. I have attached the written pattern for those who cannot understand the video pattern. So if you like to do with written pattern, you can buy the written pattern for the given link. Video pattern is free for all. You can download the video and can follow the pattern step by step , and again and again. Video pattern is super easy for the beginners . I hope you would love this pattern and would love to try this pattern You can add any color or you can make it in multi color. This is really beautiful pattern for all to make, You ca do this for your baby girls by skipping some rows in this pattern. If you have any question, you can ask me in comment section. Thank you in advance.

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Written pattern for this circular cardigan pattern

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