Hello and welcome to my crochet blog. Today i have very different patterns for making mats, cushions, throws, blankets, hats , bags and many more. These all are free pattern pattern and you can watch again and again without any cost. I have all video for all these patterns in details. Before going to the pattern, do not forget to subscribe my youtube channels.

Here is our first pattern for free. This is really cool pattern to make mats, doilies, cushion covers, blankets , bags and many more. Do one motif to make a hot pot holder or a dishcloth or a coaster. Make multiple of these motifs and join them to create a pretty blanket. These are really cute and can be made in any colors.Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Here is again another granny motif to make many projects like blankets, bags, scarfs, cushions, hats mats, and hot pot holders. You can create these granny motifs to make any of your wanted project. You can add many beautiful contrasts in this pattern.

This pattern is different from the both top patterns. Those both patterns cannot be made in big size. For making something big , you have to make multiple of these motifs and then join them. But this is different pattern. You can make one piece in small or in a large size. If you want something small like hotpot holder or a coaster, do less rounds according to your size. If you want something bigger like a throw or a blanket, then do more rounds until your size. It works in square. You finished project will be in square shape. you can add many colors in this blanket. Every two rows will be in one color. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

Last but not the least, this is gorgeous pattern to make many projects. make these motifs and then join them to make a beautful throw or a blanket. This two colored motif pattern works really great.

I hope you all are doing well and loving my pattern that I post here. I love crochet and always love to do new stitches and new techniques. This is one of the new and unique pattern in crochet. I love this pattern as it looks too pretty and full of hearts and diamonds. This pattern is called sweetheart ripple stitch. This pattern is best suitable for baby blankets, baby cardigans, shawls, bags, scarfs, throws and mats. If you are searching for a great and new pattern for baby blanket, then you are on right place to chose a really unique pattern for your project. This pattern looks really beautiful and lovely for the baby blankets. I love it . This pattern is full of hearts. You can also do a cushion covers with this pattern and gift it to your mother or any beloved on some special occasion as a  present. This is also easy to do and fast to complete. It looks complicated but this is fun to do.