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Crochet vest pattern

Hi my Crochet lovers. Welcome to my crochet page. I hope you all are doing well.  so today  i’m going to teach you how to do this   moroccan tile stitch. now i  would consider this an intermediate stitch.  But beginners if you know how to double and single  crochet i think you can do it i really do. you know it doesn’t hurt to try that’s how  you learn. i encourage you everybody to try   but it’s really cool think of all  the color combinations. you can do  if you made this like solid color. here you  do this one variegated or both of them solid. different solid colors it’s it’s pretty much  limitless on color combos. i think this would make a beautiful beautiful blanket. blanket looks pretty much the same on both sides.  so pretty it’s so pretty but you can use it in  many things and if you do make stuff out of this . this is just a stitch tutorial to show you how  to make this stitch. so i’ll show you the yarn that i used for my particular sample swatch here.  I used premier basic which is a 100 percent medium  weight number 100 acrylic medium weight number  four and i use it in the color black and i am going to apologize for the dark colors i used  and then i also used premier basic in their  mosaic line. this is also a 100 acrylic uh medium  weight number four and the color i have here is called a prism so those are the two colors  that i used and for my particular swatch i use a j  which is a six millimeter crochet hook and i’ll  show you one more time what a beautiful beautiful  blanket this would be actually a beautiful  beautiful scarf and a beautiful beautiful top  and look uh keep a look out when you hit that  subscribe button make sure notifications are  turned on i’m going to teach this stitch in the  round as well that way you can make um things in a round like cows infinity scarves and such  but for now we’ll learn it in a back and forth   row so let’s go ahead and get started alright so  this stitch is done in a multiple of 10 plus three  which means your base chain needs to be evenly  divisible by 10. Then you add three more to it. so for my sample i have chained 53 stitches 50  as my multiple of 10. then i added three more  to my base chain. so what we’re going to do  for row one is we’re going to put one single   crochet in the second stitch. from our hook that  and then we’re going to work one single crochet  in every stitch for the length of the chain..just like this so row one is one single crochet in  every stitch until you get to the end of the row.all right so i’ve made it to the end of row  one.

For full tutorial please go to the channel ‘ Bag O day Crochet’ . This pattern is taken from her channel. This whole pattern is made by her. She is an amazing crochet lady and I love to watch her tutorials. I really like her stuff. If you go to her channel, you can find a lot of tutorials and giveaways. She do a lot of yarn giveaways. Such an amazing big heart lady.

This is the most beautiful pattern i have ever seen on internet. This is simple made using basic stitches with new method. If you are new you can make this easily too. This is best for everyone. Beginners can make this pattern easily. You can make this pattern for shawls, vests, sweaters, bags, and tops. I love the look of blocks and flowers together. Pattern is super easy but you need to make it with very care. I am attaching here the full tutorial for you. Follow the pattern and make something for you. You can use any color for making this pattern.
Full pattern is HERE .. follow and subscribe to my channel. I hoper you would love todays patterns. Thank you in advance.