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If you are searching an easy but beautiful pattern for your baby girls blanket, then here it is. I have a really pretty and easy pattern for you to make blankets for your loves ones. I have this pattern in written and graph form for you to understand more better. So this pattern is all done with double crochets and chains. This pattern is also easy for the beginners who even know about only how to crochet double or chains. So everyone , who is on beginner level ,or medium level or on pro level , everyone can do it easily. This is done in pink color for a pretty girl. Chose your own favorite colors for your kids. If you love you can add two or more colors. It up to to. If you like , you can do this blanket in single color, then add a contrast color for border. You can also do shawls, bags, scarfs, cardigans, vest or hats or bed throws with this pattern easily. I love the pattern as this is really easy and fast going. I hope you all will love to do this pattern for blankets or shawls.

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Pattern for the blanket


  1. I think you are missing a skip stitch in your written pattern where you chain two before 5 dc
    Please advise

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