Hello to everyone..!

Today i am going to teach you some new stitches any patterns that can be used to make blankets, afghans, shawls, mats, doilies, bgas, dress, tops nd many more things. These all are pretty and easy to do. I have video pattern for all these new stitches. Watch and follow these videos to get a grip on these patterns. Subscribe my youtube channels to get more patterns.

Beautiful pattern for tops and shawls. You can get the free pattern by clicking on the picture.

This is easy and simple pattern to make baby blankets and cardigans. This can be made in single color or in more colors. This looks pretty and you can customize this pattern by reducing the number of double crochet stitches. click on the picture to go to the free pattern.

This is gorgeous pattern in 3d effect . Two colors of yarn are done here and looks amazingly prefect with each other.

This pattern is in square and you can do the projects that you want to be in square shape. This pattern is perfect for making cushion covers and table cloth .

This is the beautiful pattern for ladies top or kids top. This is easy pattern and everyone can do it easily. You can use this pattern in baby dress, cardigans, sweaters, shawls, skirts, bags, scarfs, throws and many more. This pattern is suitable for every project. In this pattern, there are frills or ruffles. I love this pattern because it looks so gorgeous for a top or a frock . This is also easy to do. I am attaching a graph pattern and a video pattern for this top for you to understand and make a top for you. In graph paper, you can count stitches and make the pattern. For more understanding , you can watch the video that i have attached below. This pattern can be used n any size of the top or can be made in any color.