Hello and welcome to my crochet page . Weekend is about to end and mostly are finishing their projects and searching for some new stitches and patterns for their next projects. I mostly love to share or love to do motifs in square shape. These motifs can be used as single piece or multiple pieces by joining them together. You can do these motifs single to make doilies and and also small purses.

 I have all these pattern free of cost. Patterns are in videos and taken from the youtube. You can watch and share these pattern freely.

I have also my own youtube  channels where  i post my pretty easy and quick Patterns for  blankets, women tops, sweater, cardigans and coasters.

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This pattern is so gorgeous and amazing in it’s own way. This is started by making a flower then doing round around this flower. This can be made in different colors. Do these flower in rainbow colors and white in base color. This will be a great throw or a blanket. For doing a blanket, you need to attach a back lining too.

This pattern is done in blue with thin yarn . Pattern is so cool and easy to do. Make these motifs and then join then yo create a beautiful summer vest or a scarf.

Next motif is done is classic white . White color has its own beauty. I love to do doilies in white , always. This one piece is best for doing a doily or make a couple of then , join then and put on table as runner.

These motifs are so cute with their soft look. Center flower of all motifs are done in yellow and then used light colors for petals. White color is used in last some rows which is creating more beauty.

This is super nice pattern for a doily or a motif.

These are different flower done in center and then join them to make a blanket or a throw.

This doily is today’s pattern. You can it coaster, doily or mat, even a rug. This is made in cup size for a cup mat, but if you want big size, you can add more rounds in this pattern. This is ideal for Christmas gifts, or best for daily use. This pattern is also best for dishcloths. The border in this pattern can be used in any project like blankets, dress, vest, scarfs, throws, bags, or mats.

Total rounds 4

R1; MC, 3ch, 12dc (12+3ch st)

R2 ; 3ch, 3dc in every st (24+ch st)

R3; 3ch, 1dc, 1inc, 1dc,1inc (36+3ch st)

R4; ch, 2dc, 1 inc, 2dc, 1 inc (48 + ch st)


Start from the 4th round ends,

5ch , skip 1st, 1sl st, 5 ch (RED)

Insert brown in the skipped chain , 5ch, sl st in next to the red sl st

red sl st next to brown, next brown sl st to the red sl st