Hello and welcome to my crochet page. Today i have again 4 patterns for free. These all patterns are specially made for blankets and cardigans. All patterns are super cool and easy to make. If you are slow and weak at crochet, then you can try these patterns. Two of them are done with crochet Tunisian knitting technique. Crochet Tunisian technique is quite unique and new in crochet. This crochet looks like knitting as in this , all loop are on the hook like knitting. These pattern are easy to do and fast to make. One of them is really fast and easy to the starters. below i am attaching the patterns. Click on the pictures and get free pattern. If you like these patterns, must share this page.

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This pattern is made with long hook as it holds all the loops in same time. This is easy pattern and fast going. This is really suitable for sweaters and scarfs and beach bags. Go to my channels to get free pattern.

Next pattern is really easy and simple to make . It is very simple and easy for all. In this pattern, single crochet stitch and front post double crochet stitch is used. These both stitches are basic and easy to do. Beginners can do it easily.

This pattern is called honey comb tunisian stitch. This pattern is really thick and made with tunisian technique. Two colors are used in this pattern. This pattern is best for baby blankets, shawls, scarfs, bags, and cardigans. This pattern is also best for dish wash cloths.

This pattern is my favorite and also done in crochet Tunisian knitting method. This is best and beautiful pattern among all the patterns posted today. # colors are used in this stitch. This is really beautiful and best for baby projects.

I hope you would love all these patterns posted today. Stay tuned with us to get more free and interesting patterns. If you have any question about pattern or if you fail to get free pattern, feel free to ask me in comment section. Click on the picture to get the pattern. Share this article with your crochet friends .

These little crochet baby cardigans are love.These are made for newborn babies. I love them. Very unique pattern or style is done in these cardigans. All is done in Double crochet . In the border, shell stitch is used to give a pretty look. I attached video and written pattern in this page for you to understand easily. Some people only understand the stitch by video, like me. Mostly do prefer written patterns. So, am attaching both form patterns. Video pattern is taken from the Youtube channel ”Kiki Crochet”. The written instructions are taken from the Christine page.

This baby cardigan is for newborn babies. Take the measurement of the circumference of the baby tummy. Measurement would be almost 50cm. Work with your own baby size. Yarn is 3 ply with 2 mm needle.