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Today i have 4 pattern of crochet for blankets, cardigans, shawls, throws and bags. These pattern are super easy and simple to make. These pattern can be used in many projects. For free pattern, click on the picture and get free pattern. I hope you would love all these patterns and would love to try these.

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This patter is super cool and looks like weaved. This is really amazing and easy to do. For this pattern you need to have 2 colors of yarns for this pattern. This pattern is suitable for blankets, throws, bags, hats, scarfs, cardigans and cowls. This is really easy to start and fast to go. click on the picture to get free pattern.

This is really cute pattern and easy for beginners. If you know about how to do double crochet stitch and how to do chains, then this pattern is just easy for you. This is so beautiful and easy. This is suitable for all summer projects. Click on the picture to get pattern.

Look how cute this pattern is. This is best for wedding shawls and boleros. I love this pattern. This looks so lacy and fancy. This pattern looks more pretty in single color but if you like you can add more colors.

This is 4th pattern of the day. This is best for baby blankets, cardigans, shawls, scarfs, bags, caps, shoes, throws and many more things, This pattern is thick and warm that is why this is suitable for baby projects. For getting pattern for this stitch, click on the picture and get the pattern.

I hope you would love all these patterns. If you have any questions about these patterns, you can ask me in comment section. Thank you in advance.

i love to make all pattern and love to share with the people who loves to make. Crochet is passion to me and it relaxes me in depressed times.


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