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What do you think about this beautiful pattern? This pattern is so gorgeous and pretty in its way. This is specially for sweaters and shawls. Sweaters and shawls with this pattern would look so cute ad perfect. I love the pattern with its line look. This is also easy to do and fast. If you are beginner and you only know about chains and double crochet, then its the pattern for you to do your shawls or sweaters with it. This is super easy for beginners and for all type or all level crochet artists. I recommend this pretty pattern to the beginners , as they can do it easily. This is fast going pattern with its easy step. Once you learned the two rows of this pattern, you are up to go. This pattern is two rows pattern and repeats after each two rows. This is simply gorgeous and fancy to look. Some people call it Bride’s stitch or fancy stitch. It looks like the feathers or peacock. So you can call it Peacock stitch. This pattern can e done in any color , or single color. If you want to add two or more colors in this pattern, then you have to change the color after every two rows to give a complete feathers look. If you change the color after one rows, that will confused the pattern and would not look even right. In this pattern, only 2 stitches are required to complete this pattern. You need to learn how to do double crochet and how to do chains. this pattern is super easy for all crochet artists or beginners. In this pattern’s first row, you have to make 5 double crochet stitches in one space, then 3 chains, again 5 double stiches in the same space. Next row, you have to do front post double crochet in each double crochet of the previous stitch. This goes like that. I am attaching a video pattern for this pattern for you to understand it easily. I hope you would love to try this pattern.

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This is crochet women sweater done with crochet motifs. This is beautiful pattern i have ever seen. This is also easy to do for all crochet beginners or crochet artists. In this pattern, you need to learn how to do treble crochet and chains. These are flower motifs and then joining of all these together. Beads or pearls are added on the end with needle. All work is crocheted and no need to sew . This sweater is full done with crochet hook and yarn . No sewing in this sweater. This is really easy pattern and fast going. You need to learn how to do this one motif. If you do one motif easily then you can complete this sweater easily and quickly. This sweater is sleeveless , you can add half o full sleeves according to your taste. You can add two or more colors to each motif. This pattern is not only for sweater, you can do shawls, curtains, bags and any other projects. Bay cardigan with these motifs would look so great. For this sweater, simple and easy borders is added to all sides to block the work. In the border, double crochet stitch is used and then shell stitch on the end row. You can add the buttons to open or close the sweater. This is one of the easiest pattern for a beginner to do a sweater like this. Anyone can do it easily. Below i am attaching a video pattern for this sweater to make this . I hope you would love to try this sweater. If you have any queries about this pattern, let me know in comment section. Thanks in advance.