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Hope you’ll are doing well. I have pretty nice patterns today for bags. Mostly people do only crochet bags instead of other projects. I also love to do bags more. So i thought to share some free pattern for bags. These all are really cute and nice. One is clutch in crocodile stitch, many of you know about how to do this crocodile stitch. But if you do not know this, no worries. I will share the pattern step by stet. One bag is cross body bag for mobile specially. Two bags are shoulder bags and best for beach.

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These bags are simply gorgeous and in a very cute style. These are really cute and simple in making. Beginners can do these bags easily. These are best choice for beach. Every crochet artist , even a beginner , knows about double crochet stitch. Double crochet stitch is used all over in these bags. So no worries for tough patterns. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

This second pattern is also for beach bag or you can use this bag for grocery shopping. This is my favorite pattern and very easy and fast in making. Colors are used beautiful. I love the pattern . Shell stitch and fillet stitch is used here to make this bag. Click on the picture to get the free pattern for this bag.

Look at this beautiful cross body bag. this is super cute and best for mobile specially. Pattern is really different and tha yarn is not that regular yarn.

Last pattern is for this pretty pouch with crocodile stitch. Crocodile stitch is so beautiful and suitable for many projects like blankets, bags, booties upper part, gloves, hats and many more. Hope you would love all these patterns. Click on the pictures to get free patterns . Thank you .

Today i am going to show you, how to make this beautiful blanket with easy and fast pattern. This is really cute and simple in method. This blanket is very pretty for a baby ,or for a young. You can do a shawls or throws with this pattern too. This pattern is very easy to do. You can do this blanket for baby size in 2 or 3 days easily. This is all done in shell pattern. If you are a newbie or beginner in crochet filed, you can easily make this blanket. You just need to learn how to do double crochet and how to do shell stitch . Double crochet stitch is very easy, you just yarn over 1 time on hook, then insert the hook in stitch, then pull through two, again pull through two. Double crochet is done.