Hello my crochet fellows. Hope you all will be doing well. so i m again here to show you new and easy pattern. Follow the steps.
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Also leave your like and leave in the comments what you think of the videos. To make this stitch, initially we need to make numbers that are multiples of 6 + 4, that is, we are going to make every six initial chains until reaching the size of our piece. At the end we add four more chains to start the first row.

To work with this sample here, I’m going to make 34 chains. After making all the initial chains, we are going to loop our hook and start working on the seventh chain. We have here the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth. In the seventh chain we are going to put the needle. Bring a loop and here we are going to work an elongated double crochet by taking a loop. Then we took two and two more. The high point is a little more elongated than the other normal one that we do by taking two by two. We loop the needle.

In the same place we make one more stitch. We lasso. Now let’s do the third point. The fourth point and the fifth point in the same place. Thus being the beginning of our line. We loop the needle. We skip two base points. In the next one we will work an elongated high point again. We lasso. We skip two base chains. Next time we will repeat the five points. We lasso. We skipped two bases. In the third we will make a stitch and this will be the repetition of our line until the end. We skipped two bases.

Next time we repeat the five points here. We skipped two base and now we make a point alone. We will work like this until the end. Arriving at the end of our line we loop our needle. We skip two base stitches and in the third, which is the last stitch, we make the stitch alone here. So we finish the first row of our stitch. Now we’re going to make four updrafts. We turn our piece. In this first space here in this first point, we are going to work on two more points.

In the same way that we were working on the previous line. We lasso. Let’s jump from base one, two. In the third stitch right here in the middle we are going to work a single stitch. At this point that we have alone here, we are going to work on repeating the five points in the same place. We now skip two points. On the third one, right here in the middle we work a single stitch. This is how the design of our work is getting. We repeat here the five points. We skipped two bases.

In the next we make a stitch alone. So we repeat until the end of the line. For us to finalize our line, we’re going to come to this last point that we have here, which is this chain. Here we are going to work three points in the same place. This is how the second line was drawn. Now we are going to make four chains. We’ve turned our piece over and now we’re going to repeat exactly what we did in the first row.