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This is really beautiful pattern for baby dress. This is so pretty and lovely for little babies. Every one can make these dresses easily but you have to need some knowledge about crochet stitches. These dresses looks more lovely than regular machine made dresses or fabric dresses. Handmade is always precious and lovely for everyone to wear and make.

Handmade things have different varieties in its features. Crochet is one of the best and beautiful method to create garments and wearable things. This dress pattern have different styles to make. Some of them are with sleeves and some are sleeveless with shoulder strands. So its your choice to add or remove sleeves for your baby dress. You can make this dress long or short as your taste. You can add any of your favorite color to this dress. This dress flare is big and it has frills in this pattern. Besides baby dress, you can make or use this pattern to create a skirt or a frock for your self too.This is easy pattern and can be increased or decreased.

Look at this beauty. For this top, a very short and less row’s yoke is added to the top. Then on the flare, this pattenr is used to make it more beautiful.

Again a great idea to make a baby dress with this pattern. I love to add a small yoke and then this pattern in this flare.

In this top, a big yoke is added and then satin rose and satin belt added to give more beauty to this dress. I love the white color in this dress. Look so classy and lovely.

This is the graph pattern for this frock bottom or frills. I hope you will understand this pattern easily. Thank you in advance.

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This cap is made with 3D stitch effect .This looks so pretty and beautiful to every age.It is done with pretty pink color so thats why it looks more cute and beautiful.This pattern is by Tallermanualperu,youtube channel owner, She created this pattern of 3d hat or cap with pretty look.

This looks so pretty to little girls or women too. If you are making this cap for babies or little girls, then do less stitches .Less stitches will make your cap in short or small size for small girls. For grown girls or women, do and follow the pattern step by step for good results. If you do not understand any other language, Change the subtitle language from any language to english language. She has given the option to subtitle the video in any language. i hope you all will love her pattern. Its free and step by step.For best results, try to follow the video step by step.