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This is one of the beautiful and simple baby dress that i have ever seen in crochet. This is 100% handmade with crochet. This is really easy and simple dress to do. If you are a starter and you know about 2 or 3 stitches in crochet. Then this is the best pattern of the dress for you to make for your baby girl. This is all made with double crochet stitch and chains and single crochet with in chains. This is super easy for all to do the dress as same as shown in this blog. This top is divide in two parts, the top that is called yoke, and the bottom part. Yoke of this dress is done with double crochet stitch. This yoke is made in square and with four corners. The bottom of this dress is fully made with chains. The bottom pattern is more easy and simple to do. It also fast going pattern and you can complete this dress in very less time. In the bottom pattern, you have to make chains, then 1 single crochet then again chains, and then repeat all the process. Bottom part looks like the Net or diamonds shape. This is very easy pattern for dress. This pattern is not only for baby dress, you can do a dress for you . You can make skirts with this pattern. You can do sweater with this pattern. This pattern is no for cold days. This is best suitable for winter or summer.

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SO today i have a very different and beautiful pattern for you . This pattern is called interlace braids or interlaced braids pattern or stitch. This looks so pretty and unique and is done in boxes. In this pattern, you can see the line of braids in each box . These braids are adding more beauty in this pattern. This is one of the beautiful pattern the i have ever seen. This pattern is really suitable for blankets, shawls, throws, bags, scarfs, even cardigans, dress, mate or whatever project you can imagine of. This is super beautiful and super easy pattern for you all to make something you want to try. I have attached a video pattern for this stitch. In this video pattern, every step is given in a very detailed procedure. This video is really helpful for this pretty pattern. I hope you will understand the pattern by following this video step by step. This video is made in a simple method for you to understand this stitch easily. I hope you would love to try this pattern. You can do this pattern in you favorite colors. But in my suggestion, three colors are important in this stitch. Three color would make the stitch more beautiful . But this is your choice to do in single color or multiple colors. Thank you in advance.

Shell stitch is as easy as double crochet. in shell stitch, there are options to do more double crochet in one chain or less. For a normal shell stitch , do three 3 double crochet in 1 stitch, then do 3 chain, again 3 double crochet in the same stitch. This is how you can make shell stitch easily. This blanket is done with all the shell stitch. That’s why it is easy to do and looks beautiful in its way. For borders, pattern is somehow different to shell stitch. This pattern is 40 inches from all sides. A perfect size for a baby blanket. You can also do it in your favorite color. i have attached video pattern below for you to make this step by step. Subtitles are available in this video. Watch and enjoy.