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Today i have very pretty patterns for baby girl tops and cardigans. Both are really cute and beautiful for baby girls. Patterns are used very cool. Mostly the crochet double stitch is used in these tops. These patterns are beginners friendly. Beginners can do it easily. Make these tops for baby girls and give them a cool look. I have attached pattern which are free. Click on the pictures and get free patterns.

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This is baby cardigan with short sleeves . This is done is pretty cool colors. Pink color is less used in just borders and on yoke. This is really cute and can be done in single color or in more color like this.

Look at this set of crochet baby dress. Full set is really very cute and lovely. Color is used very cute. On the bottom, crochet buds pattern is done. This border line of buds is giving more beauty to the dree.

How is this crochet women vest? This is so pretty and beautiful pattern for women vest or sweater. This pattern is done in many colours. Each color has its own beauty. This is sleeveless vest for women, you can add sleeves half or full as your taste. This pattern is done by a Turkish crochet artist . She has done it perfectly beautiful . This is easy to do if you follow this pattern step by step. In this pattern, all stitches are double crochet, chains and puff stiches. The bottom part of this vest is full loaded with the puffs . The top part is done in net style to give a pretty look. Borders from the inner side is also don with puff lines, or puff rows. I love this look , this is so unique and pretty to wear. You can wear it any of the event. This is specially for the spring and summer season, as its light and too airy. You can make it for yourself or for your mother or daughter. This can be wear for any age. You can make it in your favorite color. For me, i would like to make in a bright and some light colour. I love this pattern so much . This is so easy. I will attach the video pattern for this vest , below. You can easily do it by watching video step by step. I hope you will love this pattern.