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Today, i have a very special pattern for you to make blanket with this pattern. This pattern is really easy and beautiful for a baby blanket. You can also do shawls, throws, bags, cardigans or scarfs with this pattern, too. This is very simple and easy in making. You just need to know about some basic stitches of crochet. Even, beginners can do it easily if they know about how to do a double crochet and how to do chains. This is very easy for all crochet artists , master level or beginners. So, this blanket is done in white color for a baby and some beads are added in the center of every flower or granny. This pattern is different to other patterns . This is all made with granny pieces. First you need to do a bundle of granny squares in small size with only three rows. Then you will have to attach them all, no plane, but folding the corners. That is why this pattern is very easy for all to do. You can also add beads on the center of all these squares. Beads will add more beauty in the project. There are many choices in doing this pattern in different colors. You can do the last row in some different color to give a different look. You can also do some squares in same color and some squares in some other color. Or you can just change the color for border squares. This is all up to you how you wanna like it. I hope you would love this pattern. If you have any question about this pattern or some other pattern, you can ask freely in comment section.

Thank you in advance.

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