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Today i have done this pattern specially for baby blankets. You can use this pattern or stitch to make shawls, scarfs, bags, throws, caps, or whatever your project. Its really easy and simple pattern. Its one row pattern. If you learned its one row, then you can easily make full pattern. This is super easy. Beginners can easily do this pattern. Blankets with this pattern would look so beautiful . I like to add many colors in this pattern. Three colors are basic for this pattern, more is your choice. So i will try to add some written lines of this pattern in this page , so you may understand easily. Most of the visitors of my page demand to attach a written pattern. I actually can’t read pattern that are too complicated. I just can read simple easy patterns. I like to follow a pattern by video, that’s why i do videos for the people who like to follow by video. But today i wil ltry to add some line in written.

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Written pattern for this stitch

This pattern is the multiple of 5 chains. Increase chains multiple of 5 for your desired length. So for this you will need to have minimum 3 colors of yarns. I am using $ colors for this pattern. Hook is 2 mm and yarn size is 3 play best for this. \you can use big hook and thick yarn. I have yellow, pink , blue and white color.

Row 1; Make chains multiple of 5 with Color A

Row 2; skip 4 ch, 4dc in same stitch, 1ch, skip 3 st, sc in next, 4ch, skip 3sts, 4 dc in next st, 1ch, skip 3 st, sc in next (repeat)

Row 3; Attch color B where Color A ends. 3ch, 4dc in same st, 1 ch, sc in previous row’s forth dc(from hook), 4ch, 4dc on previous row’s sc. 1ch, 1sc on previous rows 4th dc (from hook) Repeat this

Row 4; Attach color C where color B ends, then repeat Row 3

All repeated

I hope you will understand this pattern easily. If there is any question about this pattern, comment me down.

Video pattern