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This is crochet baby blanket in a very beautiful stitch. This stitch is called lacy shells stitch. This pattern is best suitable for baby blankets, bed throws, scarfs, bags, bed covers, shawls etc. This is so pretty and lacy pattern. Lacy pattern are used to make a thing fancy in look. This pattern is full with fancy look. One portion of this pattern can be used as the border for a blanket. It looks like lacy border. This is not very easy pattern but you have to remember stitch counts in every row. If you do a portion easily then its really easy for you to do this pattern for any project. If you are looking for a new pattern for a baby blanket, then you are on right place.

You can use any of your favorite color to make this pattern blanket. For babies, i suggest you to choose some light and bright colors like white, pink and yellow colors. This pattern looks beautiful in any color. If you do like, you can use multiple colors in this pattern.

This is the best size and best pattern for a baby blanket. You can see the beauty of baby blanket with this pattern. This blanket is so stunning and gorgeous in look. I would love to do this pattern for blanket. This pattern would look great in throws, too. I hope you would love this pattern.

This is the graph pattern for this blanket. You can do this pattern by following this graph, easily. This pattern is easy and can be done by anyone, beginner or master level master.

For you, i have attached a video pattern and a written pattern for free for this blanket step by step. You can make this blanket easily by following this video step by step. I hope you would easily understand this pattern. If you have any question about this pattern, let me know in comment section. Thank you in advance.

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FREE Written pattern

I made this crochet two layered flower in two most bright colors. I have done this flower in white color and yellow colors to give a pretty look. This flower can b done in one colour,or two colors ,or also can be done in three colors. There are only three rounds in this flower. First I made magic circle. In magic circle, I mad three chains, one double crochet, pull through only two loops and leave one loop, then again do a double crochet and at end pull through all loops. Its all made with chains, double and treble crochet. This flower can be attached on dress, headbands, bags, shoes, scarfs, blanket or shawls. For headband, make a simple band with only double crochet or shell stitch if you know how to do shell stitch. Then attach this flower with matching colors. Your headband is ready to wear. You can convert your simple item into fancy look. If you want to make the flower more fancy, then add a bead into the center into the flower. Or another option is, use a thread with shimmer or glittery yarn.I made this flower to attach one of my headband to make it so cute and pretty. I also made these kind of flowers to attach on baby dress or baby shoes . I hope you would love this easy and simple pattern to make this flower. I am attaching the free video pattern below this. If you do not understand the video, I have also write the pattern step by step on the video for the people who love to do with written patterns.