We are going to make now just one chain of separation. Let’s make two loops.

In this last point that we have here, which was that updraft we made in the previous line. Let’s put the needle. Bring a loop. Now let’s take a point and the next ones we’ll take two by two. Leaving this point very elongated. So that’s how we finish the third row. Let’s make a chain. Flip the job. In this line we are going to work low point in each stitch that we have as a base, taking only the string from the back of our stitch. So this chain already serves as the first stitch of the row. We go in the second point and work low point. Let’s go to the next one and so we continue making a single crochet for each stitch we have here as a base. We need to keep the same amount of stitches as the first row to make the next row we’re going to do. The last stitch of this line we are going to do on top of this fifth chain that we have here in the corner.

click here for pattern

Crochet Amazing Sweater Vest Shawls Free Pattern

So, we finished one more line. Let’s make five chains. We loop the needle twice. We turned the work around and look how beautiful it is turning out. Now we’re going to repeat this line we made here. So in the first stitch, we only have the back ring. We are going to bring a loop and draw two strands. Let’s go to the next point. In the next. On the next one, you will also have four stitches here and six loops on the needle. We took four. We take two and we take two. Now let’s make the four loops. Two chains. Let’s go here at the next point and start all over again. To finish this line here we are going to make a chain only. We loop twice. In this last chain that we have here, we took a thread and now we take it out in twos. So, we finish this line. Now the next line we’re going to do exactly what we’ve done here. Let’s work a row of single crochets, always keeping the same amount of stitches. Then we repeat this line again. So we keep repeating these two lines throughout our work. In this slightly larger sample we were able to visualize the point well. This work here I did with wool. You can work with wool, string, thinner threads.

With whatever yarn you want. Our work is getting pretty cool. On this side, the piece is presented like this with this relief in the part we made the low points here and on the other side we have this design. On this side here we don’t have relief. We can use the piece from either side, because both sides look very nice. I hope you have enjoyed our work. If you liked it, leave a like. Subscribe here to the channel. Also activate the notification bell to be notified every time there is a new video here on the channel. Thank you so much   Hello, my loves, how are you? In today’s video I brought you around crochet motif. We are used to always seeing those square motifs, where we join one square to another to form our piece. So today I brought you this round motif that we are going to learn together here, because many people had doubts about how to make this motif. So I decided to do it for you. If you are not already subscribed here on the channel, subscribe. Also activate the notification bell so you don’t miss any videos here on the channel.