Hello Crochet peeps ♥️ how are you doing all?
You must be waiting for my new patterns, not my personal patterns. As you all know and i told you earlier that i post the patterns that i love either they are mine or someone’s. I love crochet and love to share the share that i love so i share other people work on my site. By sharing their work, i advertise them on my site. If you are a crochet artist and you wanna share your patterns with more people, comment down you email and i will contact you.

I would love to share your work too. I mostly do share free pattern with video tutorials , written pattern are also acceptable.

So , today or tonight, i have some gorgeous patterns for doing ladies tops, shawls, blankets , throws, and granny square motifs for blankets. All patterns are taken from the YouTube so totally free to watch or copy.

I have chosen this pattern to share on first turn . I watched this pattern vest and fell in love . Pattern is so easy and so delicate . Yellow and black colors are matching too great. This is my new favorite color contrast. This pattern is suitable to do any of your summer project like sweaters, beach overall, kids cardigans, scarfs and bags. You can add many colors or single color.

This pattern is made by doing motifs and then joining them. This 8s super cool pattern and can be used 8n making many things .

Next pattern is very flat and flexible to use in many things either blankets or dresses. Two colors are used in this pattern to give a gloomy look.

This orange color pattern is done to do a summer jacket with a summer shawl. Pattern is so simple and easy to do. You just need to learn how to crochet double crochet stitch and chains. You can add other colors too.

This is 3d pattern for doing baby blankets and cardigans. Three colors are added in this patter. To make it more beautiful for kids things. In this pattern, one row is done with doing double crochet stitch and chains while in other row, you can see the back post double crochet stitch. Back post double crochet stitch is bit different to the normal double crochet stitch.

Last but not the least, this granny is made with using six shades of colors . In this square, mosaic pattern is used.

pattern and other is done with double crochet.Its two row pattern. One row is simple double crochet and the next is tunisian leaves. If you like you can do in two or more colors. For headband or cad, do chains according to your head circle, and then do work from bottom to top. For blankets or shawls, scarfs, just work as simple technique. Its is really simple to do. I love he 3d look, leaves are pretty in this pattern. I hope you all will love the pattern.


  1. I would really like to crochet these patterns but i never see the pattern. Please tell me where i can access the patterns.

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