Hello crochet peeps. How are you doing all? So the weekend is about to end. I have some new patterns and stitches for you to make some thing incredible for your friends or family. Weekends are the best days to do this crochet hobby.

I brought you some interesting and new pattern for free. These can be found in video form. I know most of people cannot understand the patterns through videos, but these videos are with subtitles with all languages. You can convert these videos into you language and follow the steps by listening and watching. Videos are easy to understand. If you have a child and you want her or him to teach this hobby, give them videos to learn crochet. Because videos are more easy to learn. Kids learns an activity more easily and fast by videos.

SO below i have attached the photos and video pattern along with pictures. You can get the free pattern by clicking on the pictures and get your chosen pattern for free.

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This gorgeous multicolored is for making blankets, afghans, shawls, bags, and cardigans. This look so beautiful in multiple colors. 3 colors are minimum in this pattern but if you like you can use two colors but same look will be vanished. Click on the picture to get free pattern.

This pattern is simply awesome and called star stitch. This is absolutely suitable to make baby projects like blankets, cardigans, throws, hats, bags and many more. Bags or cross body would look so great in this pattern using single color.

This crochet baby blanket is done in layers. In this pattern you have to make them separately .Pattern is just simple and easy to follow.

This pattern is for multi purpose. You can do blankets if you attach a back lining. Shawls and women vest would look so cool in this pattern. I have seen beach bags done with this pattern.

I crocheted this candle for decoration on any type of event. This is All handmade and crocheted. You can insert real candle too, in the flower base. I did some flowers decorations and glued some beads to make it fancy and pretty. I glued the flame , flowers and the beads. I also did pastels colors on the melting tears of candle, with yellow pastel color. If you like, you can also fix a little light with the crocheted flame.

I Am attaching here video and written pattern here on my Page.

This pattern is created by me, so no one can use it without my name. Designer Zee Zahra

Written instructions for Flower base and candle

Flower Base

R1; do 26 chains. Join the last chain to the first with slip st . (26)

R2; sc in each st  (26)

R3; ch 3, skip 1 st and do sc, ch 3, skip 1 st, sc (13 spaces)

R4; (each space) 2dc, 2 treble crochet, 3ch, slst in in both treble crochet top st, 2 treble, 2dc,1sc on sc of R3.   (23 petals)

R5; go the back of the petals, do again 13 spaces ,make 13 petals with same pattern.

Flower base holder

Go to the starting chains ring  of 26. Do sc in each st. total sc 26. Do 6 rounds of 26sc .


R1; 6s in magic circle (6)

R2; 2sc in each st (12)

R3; 1sc, inc (18)

R4; 2sc, inc (24)

R5; (in front loops) 2sc, 4ch , slst in 1st 3 ch, 2sc, 6 ch, 5slst in 1st 5 ch, 4 sc, 3ch, 2slst in 1st two chains.repeat. (24)

R6; (in back loops)sc in each st (24)

R6 to R24; sc in each st (24)

Stuff the candle with some fiber.


(Magic circle)1sc,  1dc, 2 treble crochet, 1 double treble crochet, 3 chains, slst to the double treble top st, 1 double treble crochet, 2 treble crochet, 1 dc, 1sc.

Pull the yarn strand to make the flame closer. Paint black in center , and red in the flame.

Do other decorations to your choice